What Is A Professional Organiser?

It’s one of those terms that you tend to come across when you’re searching Google for ‘How To Organise *insert messy space here*’

It may strike you as a particularly trendy term, probably reserved for the crowd that jumps on the new fad bandwagon, or the wealthy, who can afford to spend money on such trivial matters.

No matter where you heard about them, with famous Organisers like Marie Kondo in the public spotlight, it is undeniable that Professional Organising is an industry that will keep on growing well into the future.

What is a Professional Organiser?

To put it simply, a Professional Organiser is a consultant who works with a client to solve some form of organisational issue.

Residential services are the most common, but business and corporate services are also available. Clients who need a hand with getting their home or office in order for whatever reason.

A few tasks Professional Organisers can tackle include:

  • Decluttering homes or offices
  • Giving advice on recommended storage solutions
  • Organising collections for display
  • Downsizing for clients moving to smaller homes or overseas

Moving boxes

Whatever the task, all you need to do is ask your friendly, local organising professional and they’re sure to come up with a solution to suit your needs and budget!

How can a Professional Organiser help you?

We’ve already covered off some of the tangible solutions a Professional Organiser can help you with. But what about the other benefits?

Organisation is more than just tidying up a few knick-knacks.

A few benefits include:

  • Saving you time (less time wasted looking for things, more efficient personal systems)
  • Saving you money (not buying things that you thought you needed, no more buying to replace “missing” items)
  • Health benefits (less stress – don’t underestimate this!)

Working with a Professional Organiser can at times be similar to working with a life coach. You will learn a lot about yourself. Like the reasons why you have organisational difficulties or why you keep the things that you do (what are you holding on to?).


You will even uncover, or rediscover things about yourself.

Past passions, hopes and dreams that were buried long ago.

Long lost personal relationships waiting to be rekindled.

You will learn what is important to you, free of material wants and needs.


I hope that has helped explain what a Professional Organiser is, and what they do. If you have any questions about Professional Organising, please ask away in the comments section.

If you’re interested in booking an appointment with me, get in touch! Remember, you get a FREE 30 minute consultation.

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

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