If you’d rather do the work yourself, and simply want some ideas, or advice:

  • 30 minute consultation: free
  • Ideas/consultant session: $35 per hour


4 hours: $160 (save $40)

Suitable for a smaller area, like a bedroom, bathroom etc.

6 hours: $240 (save $60)

Suitable for a medium sized area, like a kitchen, living room etc.

8 hours: $320 (save $80)

Suitable for a larger area, like a garage, particularly messy space etc.

Custom Sessions

If none of the above options suit you, feel free to contact me with your specific requirements. Sessions over 4 hours will be charged at $40 per hour.

  • 1 hour: $50
  • 1 hour (virtual): $35, via Skype

Contact Organise Guy today to book your free consultation!