How To Organise Your Wardrobe – An Easy To Follow Step-by-Step Guide

Wardrobes are one of the biggest organising tasks there are.

Many people end up with mountains of clothes. Sometimes entire rooms are dedicated to piles and piles of it.

But there’s another way.

By organising your wardrobe, you’ll spend less money on new clothes and you’ll save time figuring out what to wear.

And if you so choose, you’ll amaze your family and friends with a new look.

So, without further ado, here is my step-by-step guide on how to organise your wardrobe.

Who are you?

Time for a little introspection.

A lot of people tend to underestimate the power of personal image. How we dress says a lot about ourselves.

I want you to take some time to think over how you would like to look.

Don’t rush this part.

If you’re reorganising your wardrobe, you have the perfect opportunity to revamp your look.


What message do you want to send to the rest of the world?

Do you want to look proud?

More confident?


Socially intelligent?

All of these and more are possible with the right look.

Out with the old…

Time to purge!

Here are a few guidelines regarding what to get rid of:

  • Anything that doesn’t fit, and cannot be altered
  • Anything that is obviously not coming back into style any time soon
  • Anything that is damaged beyond repair, or not worth repairing
  • Anything that you never wear
  • Anything that you just plain don’t like!

Oversized jeans

Once you’ve taken all that away, consider what you have left.

What is going to work with your desired look?

If it’s not going to work, get rid of it.

Everything that you have left should be sorted by type and put away.

… In with the new

Onto the fun part!

Here’s where you get to go and buy whatever it is you need to complete your wardrobe.

I’d advise taking this one slowly.

Make new additions to your wardrobe with careful consideration as to what purpose it fills as part of the whole wardrobe.

Does it match with everything else?

Versatility is the name of the game.

New look

What’s the point of having a top that only works with a particular pair of pants, when you can have one that goes with all of them?

If you’re not particularly adventurous when it comes to fashion, stick to the classics. In fact I’d advise anyone rebuilding their wardrobe to build a foundation of classic items first, before experimenting with new styles.

That way you won’t have to update your wardrobe every season and you’ll still look good for years to come.

Not to mention how much money you’ll save!

Storage & care

Now I’m going to cover off some tips on how to keep your clothing in better condition for longer.

Coat hangers

First up, hangers.

If you’ve got those awful metal hangers, get rid of them immediately! These do a lot of damage to clothes. The best value hangers to use are plastic, and the best hangers to use hands down are wooden ones.

I recommend either. Just as long as you’re not using metal, you’re golden.

Another point, don’t hang stuff up that doesn’t need to be hung up!

T-shirts, sweaters, cardigans and so on shouldn’t be hung up. You’ll only stretch them and they’ll lose their shape quicker.

Onto washing.

Clothes shouldn’t be washed too frequently.

Anything that touches the skin should naturally be washed often.

Garments made of wool should only be washed when absolutely necessary as they are both fragile and odour resistant.

You can get away with never washing denim. I think I’ve washed my current pair once, and that’s because I got thrown into a stagnant lagoon.

And I’ve had those jeans for 7 years!


And there you have it, how to organise your wardrobe.

The key take aways from this post are to visualise the end result, how do you want to look?

Get rid of anything that is damaged, doesn’t fit, isn’t going to work with your new look, isn’t coming back into style or anything you plain don’t like!

Keep in mind the tips on storage and washing if you want your clothes to last longer: use plastic or wooden hangers, don’t hang stuff that doesn’t need to be hung, and only wash clothes when you absolutely need to!

I hope this guide was helpful to you, please be sure to comment if it did.

Do you have any organisational tips of your own to share?

All the best,