How To Organise Your Car

Keeping your car organised is super important.

You need to be able to find what you need quickly.

What if you come across a crash?

There are victims that need to be treated, do you know where your first aid kit is?

There’s a woman in shock, do you have a blanket on board?

A car’s just caught fire, where’s your fire extinguisher?

And that’s only one scenario.

By organising your car, you’re improving your chances of being able to deal with whatever situation the road decides to throw at you.

It’s not particularly difficult to organise your car, depending on what state it’s in already of course!

Setting aside a bit of time to get it sorted is well worth it for the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that you’re prepared for what’s out there.

So how do you organise your car?

Let’s get into it shall we?

The mobile dumping ground

A lot of people seem to use their car as a mobile rubbish bin.

Are you one of the guilty ones?

I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to wait as a passenger while the driver frantically shifts a whole lot of mess out of the way just to have a place to sit down.

This makes it harder to find what you’re looking for, and makes you look sloppy. Just like with your personal image, your car is something that is regularly out in public. What kind of impression do you want to make? A friend may be ok with it, but what about a colleague or potential date?

Instead of taking the risk, take control of your car’s rubbish by:

  • Keeping a bag in your car for rubbish.
  • Emptying the rubbish out of your car after every trip, or as soon as you are able.

It’s a simple enough habit to get into.

As well as using their car as a rubbish bin, people also tend to use it as a mobile storage facility.

“Oh yeah, that’s where that got to!”

Again, after your trip, simply take out what needs to taken out and put it away. That way you’ll know where to find it next time.

Be prepared for (almost) anything

When setting aside some time to organise your car have a think about some of the things you should, or would like to keep in your car. This could be things for emergencies, impromptu trips, or simply things that will make your life easier.

A few of the items I keep in my car include a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, blanket, tire iron & jack, insurance forms, toilet paper, jumper leads and a phone charger.

Consider things that are likely to happen to you out on the road. If your car is prone to overheating make sure you keep water and/or coolant on hand, for example.

Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to keep in your car, you need to decide where to put it.

The amount of storage space you have is going to depend on the type of vehicle. Be sure to utilise what you have, be it boot/trunk space, glove box, centre console, under seats etc.

You should be able to find a place to keep everything that you need. As long as you know where it is, and can get to it relatively quickly that’s all that matters.

Juggling the other stuff

There are a lot of things to remember when it comes to your car.

Warrants, registrations, servicing, maintenance, insurance, cleaning, the list goes on.

It can be quite a headache keeping track of it all.

For things that with a specific due date (like warrants), set a reminder on your phone, or write it down in a diary. Try and get as much done at once as you can. For example, getting your warrant, registration and service all done at the same time.

For cleaning and maintenance, keep a checklist of what needs to be done when. When you complete a task, like an oil change for example, take note of key details such as the date and the brand/type of oil you used. This will save you the frustration of trying to remember next time you need to do that task. Recording details can be useful for any task you do on your car.

If you get bills for things like insurance in the mail, check out my post on organising your mail and bills.

If you struggle to come up with the money to pay for car related bills, check out my post on making a budget.


I hope that’s given you a few ideas about how to organise your car, and keep it that way.

Keeping your car presentable is not overly difficult. By simply changing a few habits you can get your car looking good.

Thinking about potential scenarios you may face while out and about will help you be more prepared to deal with them should they arise.

Make sure you set or write down reminders to get your car serviced, to get warrants/registrations and to pay any bills related to your car.

Thanks a lot for reading!

All the best,