How To Have More Energy After Work

It’s currently winter here in New Zealand.

It’s dark.

It’s cold.

And honestly at the end of a hard day’s work it’s difficult to muster the energy to get the essentials done, let alone have some semblance of a life and work on my own projects.

So I decided to try out a few things to boost my energy levels enough to get done what I want to get done.

If you’re in the same boat and want nothing more than to curl up on the couch, veg out in front of the TV and watch Netflix when you get home, then read on to find out how to get more energy after work so you can get something more productive done.

Freshen up

First thing I do now after getting home is have a decent length hot shower, and chuck on some clean clothes.

While feeling clean and fresh is amazing in its own right, the main reason I do this is because it acts like a cue for your brain.

It’s saying ‘work’s over, its you time now’.

It’s a great way to transition from your (potentially) dull, boring, autopilot mode into something a bit more lively.

Another thing I like to do is put on some music that gets me pumped up while I take my shower. That way I get out ready to kill it.

Make a plan

Next, I make a coffee and if I haven’t already, write up a to-do list for the evening.

The caffeine will give you a much needed kick, though its definitely optional if you don’t like having caffeine later in the day.

The physical writing of a to-do list will help get your brain focused on what needs to be done. If you don’t have a specific task to accomplish then of course you’re just going to want to kick back and do nothing.

What if instead of saying ‘I really should go to the gym, but I’m too *insert excuse here*’ you replaced it with ‘At 5.30pm I’m going to the gym and I’m going to perform 3 sets of 12 squats….’.

You’re much more likely to do what you need to do if you know exactly what you need to do. It’s almost like it changes from being some kind of insurmountable task to actually being achievable…

Keep moving

You don’t want to fall into the trap of ‘I’ll just *insert unimportant, time-wasting activity here* for a minute’.

Your ‘minute’ could be anything, a quick nap, sit down, checking of your Facebook, watching a YouTube video etc. As you probably already know, that minute can quickly turn into hours if you’re not careful. If this is something you struggle with try using a timer to remind yourself when its time to crack on.

I always find I have more energy when I maintain my momentum.

It’s good to exercise your body as well.

A quick set of push ups is a great way to reinvigorate your body and get the heart pumping. It’s an easy way to wake yourself up, as well as make some gains!

You could also go for a short run if push ups aren’t your thing.

I have fond memories from my Army days of hill runs because someone was nodding off during a lesson!

Definitely felt rejuvenated after that.

Have something to look forward to





Gets a little repetitive and boring doesn’t it?

If all you’ve got to look forward to when you get home is Netflix and takeaways then of course you’re going to lack motivation and just want to sleep.

Give yourself something to look forward to at the end of the day.

Something that excites you.

I’ve recently decided to get serious about improving my guitar playing and honestly, back before I had a proper practice schedule established it felt like a chore. But now I can’t wait to get home and jam. I can see steady progress from day to day and my body and mind just have the energy required, even after a slog of a day.

So, my advice is to find a reason to have energy in the first place, you’ll be surprised how much energy you have when it’s actually needed.


So there you have it. Those are my findings on how to have more energy after work. Get home, freshen up, make a plan (with or without coffee), do something physical and keep moving, and actually have something to look forward to!

I hope these tips have helped, or at least got you thinking about ways you can have more energy after work in your own life.

Let me know how you get on in the comments. Did these work for you? If not, what do you do to have more energy?

All the best,